Top Factors to Consider When Selecting Wallpaper for Your Dining Room

It is quite important to select high quality wallpaper whenever you think of decorating your dining room. However, with limited knowledge you can make a wrong choice that can cost you money and time. As a matter of fact, consider quality above anything else. The million dollar question is; how is quality defined? There are several answers to this question based on the angle you look at it, but the one thing you cannot overlook is material used to make product. In this case, you need to do some research and consult with industry experts so that you leave nothing to chance. The other must-consider factors include; type, color and texture, application, and of course, pattern.

Choose correct type

If you want your dining room to look great, then never compromise on quality of wallpaper you use. The good news is that there are several types you can choose from on the market today. These include; fabric or fiberglass-backed types, liner types, moire, mylar, and natural bamboo. The others that fall in the same range are; vinyl, flocked, embossed, non woven, photowall, and border types. As a matter of fact, you will always be lost of choice in terms of the designs available. However, before deciding on a particular type to use in your dining room consider manufacturer instructions.


fleur de lisIt is equally important to choose a pattern that will complement the other aspects of your dining room including lighting system. In this way, you have a room that is not only attractive, but one that defines your very personality. Remember, patterns can enhance the beauty of the room as well as create the much needed environment. It is indisputable that patterns always have an effect on the room-size. Therefore, choose correctly so that you are able to achieve the desired effect. If you need to make your room look bigger, then definitely you should go for specific patterns.

Color and Texture

yellow exampleIf you want to make no mistake then go for the correct color and texture that will complement your dining room. You can always look around and take note of dominant color used on dining floor and furniture. Thereafter, choose based on your likes and preference. Of course the color you choose must be able have specific effect. There is a significance difference between bright and dull colors, and for the dining bright colors will do better. Note that the correct texture will hide flaws enhancing the beauty of the entire dining room.

Last but not least, consider application so that you can make a correct choice. You can either go for the non pasted, self-adhesive, or opt for the pre-pasted. If you are the kind of person who likes changing the look of your room, choose the correct application so that you have an easier time in the long run. The process of selecting a great wallpaper is as simple as counting 123, but make it a point to consult extensively so that you make an informed decision.

Why Have Yoga Ball Chairs Become So Popular?

ball chairThe top rated yoga chair from has become so popular in the last few years. The popularity is attributed to the numerous health benefits that are associated with everyday habit of sitting on the chair. The seat allows you take the weight off your feet as it improves on your back health by engaging important back muscles.

What are the Ball Chair Benefits?

This allows you to sit for long periods of time without feeling any signs of fatigue or back pains. The seat is designed to perfection with most fitness experts recommending regular usage at home and in places of work. It is important to note that this is not a gym chair, it is specially designed to be used anywhere and by people who care about their back health and body fitness.

Apart from the health and fitness benefits while sitting, this seat is also available in different sizes to fit the needs of different people. The plus-size outfits are designed for men and women with big and curvy body outlines. Small seats for kids with back problems are also available in major retail outlets.

These help in strengthening the core muscles in the back and stomach relieving unceasing pain.  Yoga ball chairs also offer comfort with the latest designs built in fashionable modes that can fit into narrow spaces. These flexible designs are becoming popular in many modern offices. The new models are suitable for corporate managers. You will definitely feel at home as you get engaged in busy office work.

The amazing features are uniquely made to fit into your posterior body system. Other modern yoga ball chair models that contain a revolving ball are also available for sale in major shopping sites and retail outlets at relatively low prices.

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The Importance of Ergonomics

Ergonomics has quickly become an important factor for office based businesses around the world. The habits of office workers have a cumulative effect, as these habits are maintained for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. When I first entered the work force in 1997, I had a healthy back. Anything that I wanted to do physically, I could do. As far as I knew, my body had no limitations. But once I started working for 40 hours a week, sitting at a desk, typing away at a computer, it was this lack of movement that started to really wreak havoc on my back.

I learned the hard way just how important it is to consider ergonomics. Only when I got my first ergonomic furniture did things start to turn around. Here’s some recommendations that you can use to save yourself the hardship of recovering from the effects of bad posture.

Ergonomic Recommendations

ergonomic chart

1. Get an ergonomic chair

An ergonomic furniture that helps to foster a healthy posture will save you from pain and injury in the long run. If you’re used to sitting with poor posture, at first an ergonomic chair is going to be uncomfortable. The goal is to get you to sit upright and straight so the bones of the spine can align on top of themselves, this requires a little work from the muscles, which you might not be used to. This certainly was a challenge for me when I first started taking care of my back.

One of the most popular ergonomic chairs is the kneeling chair, also known as the knee stool. The kneeling chair is designed to give more space to the hips which provides relief to the muscles of the lower back. Highly recommended for those having a hard time remembering to sit up straight and who have pain when doing so.

2. Position your monitor

You want your eye level to be directly in-line with the middle of your monitor. This prevents your neck from creeping forward and your upper back rounding. My chiropractor told me that this is the easiest, and quickest fix I could make to my office setup. And its true. I felt better after a week of making this simple change.

3. Take frequent breaks

When I was an athlete, aside from a few bruises and scrapes, I never had any pain in my body. Definitely not anything skeletal related. It was sitting at the computer in a fixed position that really started to mess up my body. I started setting a computer alarm to remind me to get up, walk, and stretch every 30 minutes. This has been extremely helpful in staying loose and pain free.